General – Fixings

With countless points to consider when choosing the correct decking fasteners, it can seem like a tedious and time-consuming process. However, it can be the finer details like fixings which take your floored outside area to a premium and elegant habitat which you won’t be able to pull yourself outdoors from.

Fortunately, our concealed fasteners tick every box, featuring formidable qualities in durability and safety. While aesthetically adding the final touch to perfect your exterior space, with a clean and professional finish, free from any visible fittings. Choosing hidden fasteners provides a superior alternative to traditional fastening methods.

Fasteners are available in both 3mm and 6mm sizes, enabling you to choose the space you would like between decking boards. Each of these options guarantee consistent spacing throughout the decking, giving a professional finished product.

The Concealed 3mm Fasteners leave a smaller gap between decking boards, giving a more premium finish and looking fantastic with a large range of decking.

Concealed 6mm Fasteners leave a larger space between boards, also creating a professional finish but making it easier to make changes in the future. With a larger space between boards, it is easier to access, helping to change boards or tighten without having to damage the others. The 6mm hidden fasteners also make for easier installation, giving more space to work during fitting.


Hidden fasteners increase the life of decking, as there is no need to drill or screw into the boards, which helps them to retain their strength and last longer. They are hardy in all weather conditions, being less likely to degrade or be damaged by wear and tear, frost, animals or extreme weather. Each fastener secures the plank in place from the side, staying dry and lasting longer due to the lack of exposure to the elements. The structure remains secure, with leaking water between boards or in drilled holes being less of an issue.


Hidden fasteners are kept entirely out of the way, removing the chance of anything catching on a screw and making it a safe option, particularly for children.


Hidden fasteners create a more attractive look, with no unsightly screws to ruin the overall appearance. They equally space gaps between boards, providing support at the crossover of boards and joists while producing a beautiful, consistent finish.