The Top Five Benefits of Composite Decking

The Top Five Benefits of Composite Decking 100x100
When it comes to decking, we’re often asked ‘what’s the point of composite decking?’ or ‘why is composite decking better than timber decking’? There are many reasons why composite decking has become more favorable over the years so we’re addressing these questions head on with our list of the top benefits of composite decking. Enjoy!

1. Cost-effective

We’re not going to lie. Price plays an important part in everything we buy and it’s no different with decking. Compared to other types of decking, composite decking is initially more expensive. However, once you factor in the years of maintenance over the years, composite decking offers much more for your money. For example, with composite decking you won’t have to worry about warping, splitting or fading from the sun. With Rhino Decking, you’ll also benefit from our 10-year warranty so you can enjoy over a decade of top quality composite decking.

2. Easy to install

One of the joys of installing composite decking is that it is stress-free and hassle free. With its innovative fittings, composite decking can be placed easily, unlike timber decking which often requires screws or nails that go through the deck. Not only does this make it easy to install but it also makes it safer as it is slip resistant and splinter-free, meaning you can walk around barefoot on composite decking as much as you like.

3. Oh so durable

This is one of composite decking’s main selling points as it is much more durable compared to traditional wooden decking. It’s built to last and does exactly that. Composite decking won’t suffer from the bad weather, even if it’s extremely sunny or pouring down in rain. Where traditional decking suffers from fading and warping, there are no such problems with composite decking. It won’t mold, split or rot. It’s built to suit a variety of environments and will last you a long time. Timber decking or other traditional wooden variants can last up to 20 years whereas composite decking has been known to last over 30. Our Rhino Decking composite boards are designed to be extra durable, are low-maintenance and environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on our ‘4A’s offer’ which is anti-fade, anti-splinter, anti-slip and anti-mold.

4. Wider range of design

Timber decking can come in a limited variety of designs and will often require you to spend out on staining or wood colouring if you want to change the colour or style. With composite decking, you can select from a variety of designs right from the very beginning. Even though there are multiple designs, composite decking still boasts the same quality material and build, it just means you’ll have more choice. For example, at Rhino Decking we have graphite, mocha, savanna, amber, cedar, and slate on offer.

5. It’s always evolving

As composite decking is a man-made product, it means that the design, testing, and manufacturing of it is never finished. It doesn’t have a ‘final’ version. Companies, like us, are always looking into how we can make it as realistic as possible, as durable as it can be and create new ways of installation that make it even easier. Already composite decking has a huge advantage over its timber counterpart. And it’s just going to get better.

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