The right decking in your garden can transform a space instantly, plus can add both value and functionality to your home. Composite decking remains a popular design choice for both commercial and residential property owners who are looking to utilise space. 

However, picking the right colour decking can be a tricky decision, as different shades can create very varied final designs. 

Grey composite decking is proving to be a very popular colour at the moment, as not only is it stylish and modern, but also fits into most garden colour schemes. Grey decking boards are essentially timeless, as generally neutral colours do not go in and out of fashion like most deign trends seem to. It is likely to be just as current in 10 years’ time as it is today. 

We have four colours that fit into the grey category. Silver is our lightest grey composite decking, followed by Ash, Slate and Graphite. All of which can complement any home. 

Grey is considered a neutral colour, and tends to have both warm and cool undertones. Any material in the sun day will get warm, with darker tones warming up the most. Therefore, if your decking is in the sun all day, every day, then a light grey shade may be a better choice. If you get limited sun on the decking, then a dark grey will be less of a concern. 

Grey plastic decking is perfect for those with busy lifestyles, as it won’t require any staining, and will retain its colour after it weathers and fades in the first 6 months, meaning you will be able to spend quality time in your outdoor space, without the need for regular maintenance. 

Additionally, composite grey decking is safer than traditional wood decking for several reasons. It is less likely to gather moss and become slippery, plus the risk of injury through splinters and sharp wood ends is negated. It is the ideal choice for families with young children or pets who will be using the decking regularly. 

There are several things to consider if you are having trouble deciding on the shade of your decking. The colours and materials of you home should play a big part of picking the right colour for your boards. You should try to pick a shade that will fit seamlessly with your colour scheme, complimenting the space and looking like it is mean to be there. 

For example, if your home is made of a dark brick, then the silver decking may not be the most logical option, the darkest shade may be the best choice here so that the decking doesn’t look disjointed. Other things to consider include other garden features, such as any furniture that you already have or grey composite decking prices. 

Depending on your preference, some people will choose matching colours, while others may want a bit of a contrast. Whichever you chose, grey composite decking is likely to transform your space into an area that is both functional and athletically pleasing.

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