Does Rhino Decking install composite decking?

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At Rhino Decking we’re often asked if we can install composite decking. Unfortunately, the short answer for that is ‘no.’ But don’t stop reading! While we may not be able to personally install composite decking ourselves, we want to make sure you can install it properly, which is why we have a list of local, professional installers as well as some tips on how to install it yourself.

Our list of local installers

We understand that after you’ve bought composite decking from us, you’ll want it installed by someone who knows the product and has lots of experience of installing it. That’s why we work closely with a selection of local installers who know Rhino Decking inside out. Once you’ve selected the composite decking of your dreams, just contact us and let us know you’d like it to be installed and we’ll put you in touch with one of our reputable installers. Alternatively, we can provide you with a list so you can find one that’s closer to home and arrange it yourself. To make sure that the installers are of the highest standard, we have personally checked them out and vetted them ourselves. This is to ensure we carry on giving you first-class treatment after you’ve checked out.

Hiring your own installer

If you don’t want to use any of our recommended installers to install your composite decking then that’s no problem at all. Like most trades though, we do advise you at least check the following: • They are a reputable company or tradesperson. The last thing you’d want is for a ‘cowboy builder’ to botch your job, ruining your outside area and costing you lots of money. Check online, contact other references if they are available, ask to see other work and even check sites like Checkatrade • Make sure they have experience installing composite decking. Check that it’s one of their specialities and ask to see any previous examples • Ask around – perhaps your family or friends have had a recent experience with composite decking or know someone who can install it • Get a free quote. Any good tradesperson will come round and give you a quote for the work to be undertaken. Don’t get someone who will incur a calling out charge – it’s not worth it. If you want to avoid having to go through all this rigmarole, you can, of course, use our local installers who tick all these boxes but if you go your own way, just make sure you’re getting the right person.

DIY job

The other alternative is that you’d like to install the composite decking yourself. If you have experience in doing this then you don’t need us telling you otherwise. Installing composite decking is very easy to do. Tips we’d recommend include: • Plan ahead. You don’t want to waste any material and you want all the right tools and equipment before beginning installation • Build a supporting substructure • Make sure decking boards are properly supported • Leave spacing requirements to a minimum. These are just some of the tips we’ve picked up along the way. Keep checking back for more top installation tips. However you plan on having your composite decking installed, we’re here to help. If you ever need any assistance, just get in touch.

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