Composite Decking Maintenance

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You’ve already made the decision to buy and install composite decking, or perhaps you’ve already done so. Maybe you’re still unsure as you’re concerned about the upkeep. We’re here to put your minds at ease, whatever situation you’re in. We took a look at some of the main concerns about composite decking and have listed how you can make sure yours looks good and stays strong.

Give your decking a wash

It sounds silly when you say it loud but if you think about it, this is one of the key tricks to keeping your decking clean. You wouldn’t leave your house dirty, would you? And if you’ve paid out for nice decking, you’d want that to be clean too. And it’s simple to clean. Just use a brush to clean off any leaves, dirt, and dust and that’s half the job done. Next, get some hot water (not too hot!) and pour over the deck. Wait for it to cool down and then use a soft-bristled brush to work in the water before rinsing it down and squeezing off any excess water. Alternatively, use a mop to clear remaining water remnants.

Removing Stains

This is probably your main concern when it comes to keeping your composite decking up to a high standard. Unsightly stains can be an eyesore, just like they are on a carpet but thankfully, it’s easier to clean. We looked at some of biggest spills (pun intended) and can tell you how to remove them:

Decking discolouring

– can occur due to excessive sun exposure but that’s nothing that some soap and water can’t sort out! Over the first 3 months, composite decking can discolour up to 30%.

Grease and oil

– if you’ve got a BBQ outside on your composite decking then it’s likely you might suffer from the occasional spill. Ideally, you’d prevent this by having a protective mat underneath your BBQ but if you do spill, grab a hot soapy sponge and clean up as soon as you can. If you’ve noticed a stain that’s been there for a while, try some ‘lift-off’ sprays or alternatives. They’ll have the instructions on them but typically it’s a case of spraying, leaving and scrubbing.

Drink stains

– Did somebody drop their red wine? Or a heavy drink like coffee? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Make sure you mop up as much as you can as soon as you can and that should sort out the problem straight away. Alternatively, soap and water are your friend again, as well as other branded cleaning products which can help. Remember, prevention is key although we understand that is easier said than done.

Good riddance mould

The dreaded black flakes of mould – something which plagues bathrooms and humid houses across the country. It’s something you don’t really want to see on your composite decking either. In order to prevent mould, keep your decking clean. Whether it’s sweeping after each use or wiping down after the rain, as long as it’s kept clean and dry, mould shouldn’t appear. If it does, get rid of it as soon as you can, again with…you guessed it…soapy water. For stubborn mould, invest in some mould and mildew remover. However, with Rhino Decking, our composite boards are manufactured with special Anti-Mould components. Such properties help to prevent mould growth, but you need to do your part too!


On the rare occurrence we get it here in the UK, simply get out and start shovelling away. It’s best to keep it off the composite decking in order to protect it. There you have it. Those are some of the key cleaning concerns we’ve encountered when it comes to the upkeep of composite decking. Everything can be managed but as long as it’s kept clean, you should have no issues. And if you get our Rhino Decking, all these issues are minimalised even more due to our highly crafted components.

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